#songbender part 24 – Nightmares on Wax – Dread Overboard (DJ Food Lifesaver mix)

Nightmares on Wax – Dread Overboard (DJ Food Lifesaver mix)

ok, it’s been a while, right

and this one turned out to be more special than I ever thought it would be – by which I mean that this one is on Blech, (I thought i did that already here, but apparently not yet- hah, bad news for you guys), and for a reason (reeeason, haha, get it), but basically the point is that since this is a remix, I had to look up the original, and MAN i was surprised. After all these years, with my age, and all, I can still get surprised, now that’s something, yo.

And there I was. I was aware about DJ Food (not exactly hard to forget a name like that, right?!) but holy crap man, I mean, the original is not “bad” or anything, you can check it out here if you wish, but I kinda understand how the Food one got onto the Blech compilation I so admire, and not the original one. You know what I mean?

Like the main parts are there, it’s a remix, sure, fkjdsafhsakjdhksajdhkjsadh, whatever, but come one, I think the difference is outstanding in this particular case. The beat, ALL OF THIS WHOLE THING is about the beat, (in case you’re wondering, i’m going off about the remix one) – that retrigger effect (my homies with fasttracker form those days recognize it as the 9 effect – yep!!!!) i mean HOW GOOD IS THAT!!!! it’s freakin’ mindblowing, man. And also changes the key of the samples, but still follows the actual key of the song, and, my dear reader, THIS is what i consider top notch. Ok? Like you get a song that has a kinda OK-ish vibe, and turn it into something that kills your neighbors in your street and makes the government pay for it. That’s the thing i mean. And the overboard stuff, signified with the sample of what I OF COURSE suppose is a dead body thrown overboard into the water (no relations to any famous people from my country doing anything similar, last time something interesting happened on a boat in this country it was some piece of shit asshole on drugs fucking some hoes from the money stolen from taxpayers, I mean, that’s what this country is built upon, people would be upset if it wasn’t like that, youknow, this is a smart country with smart people, you should come see it for yourself, it’s expensive)

but i digress

so i mean the elegance of that jazz chord lick, daaamn, so nice. and the sub bass sine dropping – keep in mind, this is from like 15 years ago, so it’s not overpolished or anything, but it’s soooo sooo enjoyable, and the BEAT, with this retrig effect – why isn’t this a thing? Do regular people not understand the humor of this whole thing? really? am i this old? again? gddddddamnt. Such a simple effect, mathematically, but done to PER FEC TION here.

DJ Food, during my peak years in terms of finding music, your name came up every now and then. I did not register your name as one of the big ones, and maybe I was wrong. Well, in this particular case, I certainly was. Especially after checking out the original (which I nowadays do when I check remixes, because, you know, you just have to, right?) I don’t know if this one is an accident, or a coincidence, or anything – this is a killer song, it’s absolutely beautifully done, sounds fkin awesome, the retrig effect in the middle still gives me the creeps (and I want to learn how to do this right fkin now), there is no better way to put it. I could go on HOURS with this beat, synth melody and bassline. Really. And I have.

But time has gotten the better of me, and now I just try to make others listen.

*Narrator: they didn’t listen.

ah well.

thanks for stopping by.

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