hello and welcome.

this section here is just as much for your entertainment as my own. the idea is that periodically i’d post a song, most probably an electronica-type-thing from the 90’s or 2000’s, just the ones that made the biggest impact on me as a music producer, or are my personal favorites, etc. if i can find the motivation, i will also write some background info or some facts or my personal feelings regarding them – we’ll see. don’t expect a comprehensive study of music from the era – this all is highly subjective and it is intentional, and most of the time i will try to purposefully avoid the best known songs from performers we all love, just to be able to check out some stuff that is not that popular. all feedback and comments are welcome either here or on the fb page, unless you don’t behave, in which case they aren’t. i hope this journey will be interesting to some of you, to me at least will serve as a reminder of those times, and how they are gone forever. Here’s the RSS feed in case you need it, as updates are few and far between, but they happen eventually, i promise.

  1. in vain sandbender 7:12
  2. one twilight sandbender 8:28
  3. the void sandbender 6:22
  4. no control sandbender 6:29
  5. delivery man sandbender 8:05
  6. sihaya sandbender 8:05
  7. under main tenants sandbender 5:48
  8. rainbows and ash sandbender 6:23
  9. shall be again sandbender 8:33