#songbender part 16 – Nova Nova – Tones

Nova Nova – Tones

ok, let’s slow down right here a little bit

you need to take 6 minutes out of what ever the hell you were doing right now and just take a break

and there is no better way to take a break then this song. your brain will still work, just sit down, don’t do anything else, leave your facebook feed, please, just try to focus on the melody and how that melody and the background CHANGES with time. it’s almost the same. but it’s not the same. just check it out.

my absolute favorite part is when he hits the low note on the piano with immediately changing up like 4 whole notes in a progression, it just absolutely kills me how perfect that sounds and what emotions it portrays.

and what i wouldn’t give to be able to play this on the piano this perfectly, i mean i can do parts and all, but the flow is just not there, and i tend to believe (just a hunch) that this whole thing came from an improvisation that just played itself out. I don’t know. I probably never will.

Shoutout to the Ambient Nights collection of ambient/chillout songs, to Alex Hephaestion, i mean, those few compilations just opened the world for me back in the day. And i had no tracklist(!!!!) i had no idea which song was from whoever, there was no Shazam to put it into, you were glad you at least had the original thing and not care about the rest. Great days. Great compilations, check them out, i think you can still find them. The original Ambient Nights are still killers, believe me you. I will probably feature a few from them eventually.

so here we go, just set yourself mentally to not give a crap about anything, and for the next 6 minutes leave the world behind and focus on the melody and the whole mood of this all. if you do it properly, you will do it again, soon enough. and you should.

  1. in vain sandbender 7:12
  2. one twilight sandbender 8:28
  3. the void sandbender 6:22
  4. no control sandbender 6:29
  5. delivery man sandbender 8:05
  6. sihaya sandbender 8:05
  7. under main tenants sandbender 5:48
  8. rainbows and ash sandbender 6:23
  9. shall be again sandbender 8:33