#songbender part 45 – Gargoyles – Spacebaby (Seiberg & Witten Mix)

#songbender part 45 – Gargoyles – Spacebaby (Seiberg & Witten Mix)

wellllllll come back ladies and gentlemen!

it’s been a while, AGAIN, yes, i know, but as I’m doing this for myself, I contemplate a LOT on what should be the next one, and sometimes i just wait it out. you know? and this time it happened, my favorite DJ of all time, DJ Shuffle, the controller of the cca 4000 songs on my pendrive in the car put this in front of my at the right time, AT the right time.

So we’re back to the tops of psybient, and this is important, because i don’t know if you know, but this is something that I myself try to do. With more, or most likely, less success as these guys do.

Who are these guys, you might ask? well, these are nobodies. They are unknown, lesser talented people, who we shouldn’t waste words about.


This is actually OTT and Simon Posford, working TOGETHER. I mean, there are things that like a world superstar gets signed to your fav sports team, and you are hyped. And it might happen that actors are signed to a movie you are interested in, and there’s a perfect combination. And then there’s this.

And this one is absolutely fkin perfect right here.

Is this the best song you have ever heard?

You will say no.

But then AGAIN, if you take the time, and you think about it, these guys have been friends for like forever. Ott did a whole album remixing Posford, and Simon is a genius, and this is from like 22 years ago, so i can honestly believe that this whole song was just a result of these guys sitting together, having a few beers and just messing around with shit & stuff. But really.

The melody, the deliverance of this whole thing, the everlasting echoes, this is just SO fking good, you won’t even believe me. And the melody is so haunting, by the way, if you are like me (no you are not), then you could spend a day just singing this GODDAMN chorus melody in your head for a whole day. And this is not a pop song, not by any means.

So, I would be SO curious about the background of this all. How did they do it, what was intentional, what wasn’t, just how, and why and when? And they have been friends ever since, even though at this point Simon was the popular one, and Ott was just in the background.

But man, this is such a killer of a song. And I think that if you have followed this series for 45 episodes, you might be catching on to what i’m trying to say here.

Even a BAD song from these guys is WAAAAY better than a so-called GOOD song from a goddamn moneymaking project of some rich ass kid thinking he has the tools so he has the talent.

no. sorry.

So, give this one a go, but not for once, or twice. Take a day’s break between them, but please try to focus on the composition of it all. It’s really amazing. Everything in this is intentional. No risks taken, as there’s no need for that. And after this one, both have spiraled on to amazing careers and probably look back at this as a fun time, just really having a blast while doing whatever, but still managed to put this together, and the way it sounds, well, you know. top notch. once again. BTW i have no idea why it says Seiberg & Witten Mix but there are no other versions that i could find, so this again must be a joke, or something, i could honestly imagine that, and it’s something that I would happily do myself.

So we’re back to psybient, and this one is for the ages, done by 2 guys who are the best in the business, and this song never blew up, the name Gargoyles never stuck, but it was probably never meant to be, this was good for its time and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re lucky to still have these guys around making mindblowing stuff to this day.

(and Ott has promised a new album for this year, so you know what that means…!)

So let me leave you all for a bit of time with this relatively unknown song, as even those interested in this genre have no idea this exists. You are not one of those people now.

May the forces of evil become confused on their way to your house, as my man George Carlin said back in the day, and i’ll catch you with the next one hopefully sooner than later.

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