#songbender part 37 – Bad Company – The Nine

#songbender part 37 – Bad Company – The Nine

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached part 37 of our journey, and I must say, the good ones are still coming! all you heard here so far was complete and utter crap, haaa haaaa, NO. But otherwise, really, as said many times before, I didn’t want to start with the absolute favorites, there are plenty from the very good ones to choose from.

Still, this particular one has a sad background right now, at least for me. i consider myself lucky enough to have participated on at least a few events, where Zsolt Palotai, DJ Palotai (to those in the know, “Apu”) was playing, here in our small town, and omg i had no idea what i was part of back then. I was young, I thought these things would go on forever, and one would always have the chance to take part in these, it’s just life and all other things that seemed more important.

So, Rest In Peace, Apu, you are sorely missed, for all of your work you have done in the underground EDM scene, in Tilos radio, and everywhere else.

This is the reason I chose this track, I kinda left it behind for the last few years, and it was so refreshing to pick it up again. This is true DnB, one of the ones meant for the dancefloor, so if any of you finds it boring or uneventful, please remember, these were for people with clenched teeth, doing weird motions in flashing lights and a 100+ db shouting at them.

and this is NINETEEN FCKIN NINETY EIGHT we are talking about here!!! right? geez.

Unfortunately (for the genre) there was a whole lot of crap coming out at the time, when this type, actually, called TechStep was popular – I’m not the biggest fan of it myself, but when it’s nailed, oh boy, it does kick the crap out of you. Stuff like Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical (or any of these two individually), Ram Trilogy, SKC, DJ Krust, and so on and so on, there were some absolutely GOLDEN ones out there among the ton of crap. So, in case you were checking out my own stuff and posts, this is exactly the reason why I said that I don’t make dnb very often, actually, almost never, because this shit is really hard to do properly. It’s like nailing a pop song, it has to hit immediately, it has to remain in your head for way longer than any other song, and it must be available for listening and come at you from various angles. Now, that’s really not easy to achieve.

Oh yes and there was (is? maybe? idk) a rock band called Bad Company, from the States, i guess, no confusion with that one please, these are from the UK and they belong to the top tier of dnb in any case. (now to think of it, I will need to hit you guys with a Noisia one pretty soon so you can get a hang of good techstep).

This particular one has nothing out of the ordinary in it, you could say that if there wasn’t that moaning bass part ending every other set of grooves, it really doesn’t have anything else. And you would be actually right! But then again, remember what i said earlier, this is not meant for easy listening – this is for X-ing on the fkin floor when you are under the influence of…. erm, tea. yeah, that one. tea. exactly.

And for that you don’t need anything else. The way it sounds it’s still absolutely fkin PERFECT, these things don’t really need “remasters”, right? like so many things do from the 90-s? that’s not a coincidence.

Oh and also, so you know, this is one of those that are legendary, just for the sake of it. Nothing out of the ordinary, but at the time this was played EVERYWHERE on dnb parties, and was extremely popular. And for that you don’t NEED the best songs as such, as a DJ you just need the ones that people respond to. And this one was exactly one of them. As said before, i’ll look up some more exciting techstep so the genre gets some proper introduction.

Ok, enough of that. Let me leave you with the sad though of Apu and my young years when we actually could go to these parties, take it all in, and have a fantastic time. I’ll never forget that.

So press play and turn it up for our guy, let the neighbors hear some kickass techstep for (most likely) the first time in their pathetic lives.

see you next time.

  1. in vain sandbender 7:12
  2. one twilight sandbender 8:28
  3. the void sandbender 6:22
  4. no control sandbender 6:29
  5. delivery man sandbender 8:05
  6. sihaya sandbender 8:05
  7. under main tenants sandbender 5:48
  8. rainbows and ash sandbender 6:23
  9. shall be again sandbender 8:33