#songbender part 38 – Squarepusher – Come On My Selector

#songbender part 38 – Squarepusher – Come On My Selector

Well hellllllloooo again, dear ladies and gentlemen, there was an IMMENSE drop in the views in these last few weeks for any of these posts, which is FINE, you will have plenty of time to lament on all of these after I’m dead. which is scheduled for, checks notes, er, yeah, that’s when. sure. not too far ahead.

But anyway.

So as you know, I intentionally did not really feature all of the BIG ONES so far, because there’s plenty of small ones that are absolutely amazing, but right now, it is time to pull a big one out of the hat just right here.

If i need to introduce Mr. Thomas Russell Jenkinson to you, then you are way behind my friend, he’s been a cornerstone of actual stuff that not many people are aware of, which is like the best thing, ever. This guy is a beast.

I remember seeing the video for this song, directed by (again) Chris Cunningham, our biggest hope at the time (well, didn’t really pan out to be frank), but i was sooo blown away. I mean, i probably mentioned him already (maybe last time with the Leftfield – Afrika Shox video?) but oh man.

But i’m going to up it this time and give you 3 videos after each other. So basically what you need to do, if you never heard this one before, or saw the video but don’t remember exactly, to JUST follow this, ok?

So here’s the actual track. It’s like the PUNK of electronic music. It’s like the PUNK of electronic music PLUS JAZZ. But really. How would you imagine jazz in an electronic setting? I bet it’s something like this. And also punk, because there are no boundaries and you hate everyone and everything and there are no rhythms (of course there are), but not for you FUCKS to understand. That’s what true jazz and punk are about, you heard it from me first, haaa haa, but anyway, it’s really the groundbreaking aspect of electronics. You think a house-enthusiast would go for this one? Like “YEEEAH MAN THIS KICKS ASS”. No. I bet you one out of a million chances (as since we know Pratchett, we also know that million to one chances come out nine times outta ten) that they will NOT understand this, not one bit. And let’s not mention the pop-listeners. OMFG. please. So if you listen to his other stuff, the jazz line becomes even more apparent, and I think we are going to look at it sometime later too. But let’s not go there, you don’t understand that part.

So with all this in mind, since it’s not a long song, IT’S 3 and a HALF MINUTES FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!

let’s say you followed suit (i know you didn’t, asshole), and now it’s time for the official video. Which is like a movie in itself, in like 4 FUCKING minutes, it conveys more info than you ever though possible. It’s like a novel, you can almost fill out the missing pieces yourself. THIS is the genius of CC. With the special mention of a pet peeve of mine: that the FKIN music and the FKIN visuals line up, and happen at the same time. I mean, isn’t that self-explanatory?!?!?! apparently not, as most videos do not give a shit about this, which makes me particularly mad. Here, the climbing melody means people climbing, the lowering of the tone means stuff happens lower than before – you know what i mean? someone has been LISTENING to this shit. All of those video directors, not giving a shit about the music itself, just he fkin paycheck they get from the label. ?##@!?%$#>^%$#>^%$?&^>%?&>^%


you now go and watch the official video. like, really. you take this time right now, and prepare for something really amazing.

Did you see how the visuals followed the audio? how they were all tied together, even though there is a story behind this thing? especially these days, when a complete video game could get published with a QUARTER of a story than what this video has in 3.5 minutes? did you actually get that? (not that i don’t think you did). aaa.

So let’s say you actually got through the second one, which was the official video. And you have no idea what it was about, because it was so faaast and there was no time to understaaaand, and

Well watch it again, if you must, it will become more apparent with time. which you don’t have, there’s too much spotify shit to listen to that were paid for by many many important people, so please listen to those first, thank you.

Anyway, let’s assume you actually got through this properly. yaaay.

Now it’s time for the real shit, and check this out. We all know electronic musicians are all gay, and idiots, and don’t know shit about shit, and they can only press buttons and call that shit music, and they also call REAL music on REAL instruments crap, because of whatever.

Now then please watch this one and I hope you get the message.

yeah this is a guy who can not play any instruments and has no idea what he’s doing, he’s just pushing fkin buttons on a computer for attention.

this last one is from 18 years ago. yeah. thank god for the internet, i see musicians like this ALL THE TIME like someone who’s a legend electronically and then kicks your ass with a bass guitar live OH WAIT I ACTUALLY DON’T

but the DESPACITO crowd sure has money for their shit. right? pff.

And that’s how i leave you for today. Took me 38 episodes to shoot on one of the big ones, I hope it was worth it, even though I actually know it wasn’t. Whatever.

Have a nice evening everyone. And see you next time. Of course. (not).

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