#songbender part 9 – Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime

#songbender part 9 – Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime

the surprise to all of us

“you just didn’t listen to it enough times”

and indeed.

this is pure genuis right here ladies and gentlemen. the main interesting point for me being that the chorus feels so out of rhythm – because it’s shifted! – but it’s done in such a great way that you immediately reset to the correct position, to be confused again, and then back-and-forth. absolutely amazing.

  1. hiding moon sandbender 6:26
  2. apostrophes sandbender 6:56
  3. shapeshifting alien sex sandbender 5:44
  4. centipede sandbender 5:07
  5. pseudopolis sandbender 8:26
  6. astronave terra sandbender 6:38
  7. revolutions sandbender 7:34
  8. the sphinx sandbender 7:09
  9. still sandbender 7:53